"A CDN for #Serverless" -- Function Router from Cisco's SaaS labs reduces latency and improves runtime performance for your serverless functions.

Create a "CDN" for executing your functions

Stop limiting yourself to a single endpoint for executing your serverless functions. With Function Router, we automatically distribute and manage your function code across up to 1000 serverless execution endpoints. At run time, your applications or clients make a request to look up the "best" endpoint, which will serve their execution request until the definition of "best" changes -- just like a CDN works for traditional content.


Public cloud, Private Cloud, Edge

Function Router supports any combination of function execution endpoints across multiple runtimes, including your AWS Lambda regions or your Apache OpenWhisk environment that may be running in a public or private cloud, or at the far edge. Latency matters more than ever, and Function Router can ensure your users and apps are always using the closest and best endpoint to execute your serverless functions.


Step 1:

Using our REST APIs or the dashboard, tell us which AWS Lambda regions or private Apache OpenWhisk environments you want as part of your Function Delivery Network.

Step 2:

Authorize Function Router for read access in the GitHub repo where you keep your function code. We automatically deploy and manage it across all of your endpoints, on demand.

Step 3:

Like a CDN, the initial client request fetches the "best" endpoint from Function Router. Ongoing function execution happens directly between the client and endpoint for a TTL you specify.

See how Function Router works in this short demo video


Multi Cloud

We support AWS Lambda in all public regions, and OpenWhisk installed anywhere with Internet connectivity. Native support for other FaaS providers is planned.

Cross Platform

If your function runs in Lambda or OpenWhisk, it works with Function Router.


We are built on AWS using #serverless. Unless you are too big for AWS, we can handle your scale. Not convinced? Let's test it together.


We believe in things like HTTPS, logging, and access control. Plus, we're built on top of AWS services like DynamoDB and S3 which are designed to meet strict PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Out of Band

The execution of your functions and operation of your applications happens entirely outside of Function Router. Our availability will not impact your applications or functions.

Nothing to Install

No libraries or modules to install. No SDK. You use Function Router via our REST API or web dashboardBuilt for the cloud, and runs in the cloud.